Entry Door with SideLights



Door is the most commonly used area of the house. One has to pass through door in order to get in or out of the house. With the passage of time people have derived various ways to decorate the doors especially main entry doors. Some people use the glass for decoration purposes while others do experimentation with the material of the entry room. Another common mean of decorating the entry room and doors is the installation of sidelights to the entry room. It not only provides light at the night but also change the while surroundings. It gives color and shine to the entry room.


The main purpose of using sidelights in the entry room is to solve the problem of darkness at the night. As we have to switch on light at night so that every one can easily come inside and outside house, but by using sidelights the whole atmosphere gets totally changed. Although it is considered a part of luxury but still it is very useful as well as attractive. The sidelight is a framed piece of wood or glass that is placed next to the door itself, usually of the same height but much narrower. If the sidelight has glass paneling, it means that more light will enter the house through the doorway making it brighter.

One of the drawbacks of sidelights is security problem if placed on the latch side of the door. This is due to the fact that if the glass is broken, the lock can be easily opened by reaching through the broken opening and unlatching from the inside. Simply place the sidelight on the hinge side to decrease this possibility.


Your front door gives first impression about your house so make such an entry door which matches with the internal design and basic theme of your house. If you have very traditional house with heavy furniture and large rooms, then the entry should also be classis such as that of wood. Take care while selecting the sidelights for the entry door. After selecting the design next comes the security. Check that the design which you have selected has proper lock system. It is a very important step so take your time to select the required entry door. Always check your budget before selecting any design. Before installing the entry door you should measure the available space. If you are trying something new then first check that whether you have enough space for it or not? Now when you have installed the entry door next comes the maintenance. Apply paint on the entry door and solve problems like warping, rotting and cracking at proper time. Your little carelessness can waste all your hard work and also your money. Now it is the turn of sidelights. Decorative glass material let in natural light and allow for a view. How about transoms or sidelights? Options include tempered impact glass, glass that limits UV rays and glass that reduces heat loss. So these materials can be good in the places which have high temperature.