Wood Entry Doors



Every person needs food, clothing, shelter and security. People make homes to get the feeling of security. Every one want security in this world and entry doors plays an important role in providing us physical and mental security. Entry doors act as an obstacle between you and rest of the world. We feel highly secure in our house and that’s only due to the entry doors.


The main purpose of using wood entry door is to get your house secure but they are also used due to their material. Wood door are a part of traditional designing. They have been in use from a long time and are still in use. Although steel and fiberglass doors have tries to take their place but they never successes in this.


Wood is the most precious gift of nature which has made our life very easy. There is a large range of woods and every wood has its own unique character and usage. Douglas fir is a good quality wood for exterior door use and paints well. Historical studies show that the use of wood in furniture and making entry doors for the house is as old as the man himself. The mughal emperors used it in their daily life. They made heavy entry doors for their forts as well as in their palaces. They also applied various designs on wood doors and crafted flowers and many other things on them.


One of the main features of the wood door is that you can renew them any time by applying a new paint on it. You can change the color of the wood door according to the color of the walls of your house It also increases their life and saves your money. They are also known for their strength, they are very heavy as compared to fiberglass or metal entry doors. Wood entry doors create a warm and traditional look that invites every individual towards it. They give a feeling of prestige. Another good thing about wood entry door is that we can easily remove scratches or any other damage from them as compared to metal or fiberglass. Their main strength is their design. We can do experimentation with its design and features. Designs, including curved accents and hardware, are more beautiful and attractive on wood doors than other types of door. We can easily add windows to the wood doors but it is not possible to add them in fiberglass or steel doors.




You can get all these and many other features in a single material which is very difficult. What you have to do is to hire a professional person that can make a wood entry door according to your desire. You can get a variety of designs for wood entry doors from internet and you can also search any design from the market but be very careful in selecting the type of wood because there are some types of wood which are not good for making entry doors as they are not hard enough to do this job.